Adding Store Inventory

Adding inventory from the Inventory tab is strictly for adding store owned inventory. Consignment inventory should be entered on the Consignment tab.

Starting a Batch

To enter store owned inventory, click the "Add Inventory" button. If your company is multi-location then you may need to select a location first.

Adding Inventory

First Time Inventory

If you are entering an item that you have not entered in the past, click the "New Item +" buttonor use the shortcut Ctrl + i.

This will create a blank entry that can be filled out with your item's details.

Searching + Restocking Previously Entered Inventory

If you've entered the same item in the past, you can search for it by entering part of it's name in the search bar and then pressing the "Enter" key.

This will open a search results window with four choices at the bottom.

If the item you were looking for is not listed select this option to try a different search term.

Found My Item

If you've found the item you're looking for, select the item and choose this option to add additional quantity to the existing item.

Add Similar Item

If you found an item that is similar to what you want to enter or you just want a different SKU (barcode) for the item select the item then this option.

Enter Item Manually

If you just want to start over with a blank item select this option.

Submitting a Batch

Once you've created as many items as you need to for your batch you can select the "Done" button in the top right. If you'd like the labels/tags to print when the batch is submitted be sure to select the "Print Labels" option.

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