Windows EDNA Printing

  • Check your operating system, you should be on either Windows 10 or Windows 11

  • If you have installed EDNA already what error message are you getting when you click on Printers > EDNA Printers?

    1. Not Connected to EDNA

    The print service has stopped for some reason, reboot your computer or

    open task manager and right click to restart the EDNA service, you may have to click more details on the bottom left hand of the window to see the services tab

  1. No Supported Printers Found The print service is running but doesn't see your printers. Power cycle your printers (leaving them off for 10 seconds or so then turning them back on), see if they pop up as being recognized where you add the Add Printer button. Changing USB port(s) that they are plugged into may also make the printer appear if it's not.

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