Printing Desktop Labels


This feature must be enabled on the store side as well as on the individual consignor account to be available. More information can be found on the Desktop Labels in Consignor Access page.

Selecting Items for Printing

Navigate to the items screen within Consignor Access and select the items in the list for printing. Be sure to make use of column sorting and the status filter as needed.

The checkbox to the left of the Item column header allows for checking the full page of items at once.


Once all desired items are selected click the "Print Labels" button.

This will open the following screen allowing for a choice in layout, starting label, and whether to print total quantity. Select the "Print" option in the bottom right when ready and a new tab will open with a generated PDF.

Sheet Style

The sheet style dropdown will allow you to choose whichever layout best suits your needs.

Start Printing At

The number entered represents where on the sheet the labels will start. 1 means it will start on the first label whereas in the Avery labels 30 per page, a 4 would start on the second row. This allows partial sheets to be re-used and a label is never wasted.

This allows you to print multiple labels for one SKU if there’s multiple on hand. Otherwise one label per SKU will be printed by default.


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