SimplePay is our ACH payout integration. This allows consignors to receive their payouts directly into their bank accounts. This integration requires some time to set up, but there are a few things you can do to prepare.
SimplePay is included with Standard and Professional plans and is available for U.S. based stores only at this time.

Collect Documents

Keep in mind that these are documents that you need to have handy during the setup process. SimpleConsign does not need to receive a copy of any of the documents. They are for your reference only.
  • SS4 (Document for EIN it will say SS4 in the upper right hand corner about 3 lines down)
  • DBA (Doing Business As) document if operating as a DBA
  • Personal information such as SSN and Photo ID for all beneficial owners with a 25% or greater share of the business
  • Bank account information for the account that payments will come out of including login, routing number, account number, etc.

Check User Permissions

The Primary User of the account will need to be present for SimplePay setup. To check whether you are the primary user of the account you can navigate to the User Tab and double-click into your profile. If you are the Primary User there will be a note on your profile and your account will be an Admin level user.

Contact Support

Once you are ready to proceed with setting up SimplePay please contact our support team to request an appointment for SimplePay setup.