Forgot Login ID?

If you've lost or forgotten your login ID for accessing the Back Office of the software you can recover it by email.

From the login screen select the Forgot ID link in the bottom right.

You'll be presented with a screen to enter the email address associated with your user account. Once you've entered your email you select Send Instructions.

You should receive an email with recovery information. Here's an example email.

This is a one time use email. If you click the Recover Accounts button and close the page the links will not work again and you'll have to restart the process.

To recover your login ID select Recover Accounts which will take you to a webpage listing all active user accounts associated with that email.

If you have more than one be sure to select the Login link option from the appropriate account.

If you elect to use the Login link on the right you'll be automagically logged into SimpleConsign for that user, but you'll be forced to reset your password as well.

Here's an example of the recovery page. With the login ID listed along with other user account info.

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